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Mom-EZ Maternity Support

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Improved Posture

Pregnancy can put a lot of stress on the lower back, affecting posture as a result. The Mom-EZ Maternity belt helps improve posture by reducing added stress, and promoting ideal body positioning. It can also reduce that occurs during twisting and lifting movements of daily activity.

Lower Back and Hip Relief

The Mom-EZ Maternity Belt provides compressing support to the lumbar region of the back. This can take stress off of the lower back and result in less pain. The pregnancy belt is also ideal for women who experience hip discomfort. The double side panels help stabilize and reduce pain associated with the mobile hip region.

Comfortable Fit

The Mom-EZ Maternity Support is an ideal maternity belt for support and comfort. It is designed to contour around the body and without cutting into the skin. The front panel lifts the abdominal region without digging into the stomach. Wear the pregnancy belt underneath clothing, for hidden support all day.