Why see a Pedorthist?

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist is a healthcare professional that is an expert on the anatomy and biomechanics of the lower limb. Pedorthists also have specialized training in assessing for, designing and fabricating custom foot orthotics. 


Prior to becoming certified, Pedorthists must complete a post-graduate diploma offered at Western University. This program is dedicated to the assessment and conditions of the lower limb, and the design and fabrication of custom foot orthotics. During the program, students complete placements where they are immersed in both clinical and orthotic lab environments allowing them to apply the curriculum as they learn.


Upon completion of the program, candidates are able to attempt the certification exam process laid out by the College of Pedorthics of Canada. This process involves completing a written exam and six practical exams to evaluate their clinical skills, orthotic design, casting skills and footwear knowledge.


Pedorthists offer comprehensive assessments of the lower body to determine the optimal treatment for pain and/or abnormalities in the lower limb and feet. Assessments include a history, postural assessment, biomechanical evaluation, gait analysis and patient education. At the end of an assessment clients should have a thorough understanding of what is contributing to their symptoms and how different treatment options can help. This empowers clients to make decisions about their healthcare.

Orthotic Design

Through their education and training, Canadian Certified Pedorthists spend an entire semester learning about different casting methods and orthotic design components. This allows Pedorthotists to try a variety of different orthotic materials and styles giving them a wider range of options when treating their clients.

Orthotic Fabrication

Pedorthist also have specific training in the manufacturing of orthotics and many make orthotics themself. This allows Pedorthists to create a customised product based on each client’s specific biomechanics, lifestyle demands and symptoms. Pedorthists are able to make changes during the fabrication process if they find something that may be more suitable for their client.

Orthotic Follow-up care

Having extensive knowledge of the design and fabrication process allows Pedorthists to make appropriate adjustments to orthotics if something is problematic or to improve the longevity of their products.