Ankle Braces
MedSpec ASO

The MedSpec ASO is on of the most popular ankle braces, used for treating and prevent ankle injuries. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Stabilizing straps: form figure-eight to protect and support ankle
  • Elastic cuff closure: enhances support from stabilizing straps and secures laces
  • Low profile: will fit in any type of shoe
  • Bilateral design: each size fits left or right foot
  • Ballistic nylon boot: provides tremendous strength and durability
Ossur AFO Leaf Spring

AFO Leaf Spring is a pre-fabricated polypropylene ankle-foot orthosis designed to support flaccid drop foot. It provides a semirigid section for toe clearance and support, yet has a thin, flexible foot plate for easy trimming. The absence of a heel section makes the Leaf Spring more comfortable to wear and provides a better fit in shoes.

Features and benefits
  • Injection-molded polypropylene is lightweight
  • Variable thickness throughout the orthosis provides strength
  • Provides good toe clearance and support
  • Thin, flexible foot part is easy to trim with a pair of scissors
  • Excellent fit for most types of shoes
  • Absence of heel section for improved comfort
  • Drop foot secondary to CVA
  • Mild drop foot secondary to other neurological pathologies

Non-custom Foot Orthotics

POWERSTEP is a leading brand of insoles and professional orthotics that do more than just temporarily cushion your feet. By combining balance, support, and cushioning, these over-the-counter insoles relieve foot pain, including Plantar Fasciitis.

POWERSTEP supportive insoles and foot orthotics are proven clinically effective in alleviating a variety of foot conditions and associated foot pain. They are perfect for adding extra comfort and support in any shoe and are great for runners and athletes, construction workers, food service workers, nurses, kids and everyone in between.

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